Watercolour Granulation – sedimentation and flocculation

Granulation is a familiar phenomenon with watercolour typically seen when pigment collects in the hollows of textured paper. Whether or not a particular paint will granulate depends largely on the pigment used. Earth colours and blue are often granulating. However there are at least two separate phenomena that can be described as granulation. Sedimentation Sedimentation is when …

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My favourite painting materials

Paper I like to use Saunders Waterford Hot Press paper i.e. a smooth surface as my main support. I find this best for generating a variety of textures rather than have the texture of rough paper dominate through the painting. Sometimes I collage other paper surfaces to get different effects, or to get two effects …

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Why watercolour?

I love watercolour because of the delightful and intriguing effects that it can produce. I’ve spent many an hour just playing with watercolour, sometimes getting stunningly beautiful marks and wishing they had occurred in a painting rather than just on the bit of scrap paper I was playing about on. It can be hugely frustrating. …

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