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Experimental Landscapes with Granulating Watercolours

My workshop “Experimental Landscapes with Granulating Watercolours” looks at painting semi-abstract landscapes using experimental techniques. The workshop focuses on taming, but not totally controlling, granulating watercolours to generate imaginary landscapes.

We will be working small – it is easier to get interesting effects on a small scale. Working small also reduces wastage – after all experimental techniques don’t always work out. The techniques used require a lot of water – working small means we can use a fairly lightweight paper which dries faster.

We start the workshop using experimental techniques to generate a sky and basic landforms. It is necessary to have a fairly open mind about exactly what the resulting image is going to be as the watercolour behaviour will not be completely predictable, and may suggest ideas. The image is then worked up (if desired) by adjusting and adding details to make a convincing, and hopefully exciting, painting.

This is not a workshop on traditional watercolour techniques! Because we are giving the paint degree of freedom to “do its own thing” and responding to the results, you may want to reintroduce lighter areas – possibly using collage and/or acrylics.

Workshop Availability

I am based in Reading, UK and I teach the course as a full day workshop for art societies and groups within an hour’s travel time.

I teach the course, under the title “Miniature Landscapes with Granulating Watercolours” at Micklem’s Farm in Berkshire.

I can also host a shorter version the workshop with one or two people from my home studio near Reading by special arrangement. Please contact me for more details.

” … a very enjoyable and stimulating workshop.  It was quite different to anything we’ve done before and gave members some good new experiences …”

Beryl Wilson, Newbury Art Society

Other Workshops

I am currently developing a second workshop – using collage techniques to produce a harbour scene. Please sign up to my newsletter to remain informed, see “Keep in touch” at the bottom of this page.

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