Watercolour Granulation – sedimentation and flocculation

Granulation is a familiar phenomenon with watercolour typically seen when pigment collects in the hollows of textured paper. Whether or not a particular paint will granulate depends largely on the pigment used. Earth colours and blue are often granulating. However there are at least two separate phenomena that can be described as granulation. Sedimentation Sedimentation is when …

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The Physics of Watercolour

Once, following an art course discussion on priming canvas for oil painting, someone said that to be a painter you need to be a chemist. That set me thinking, if an oil painter is a chemist, is a watercolourist a physicist? After all, watercolour paint dries when the water evaporates – a physical process. On the …

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Acrylic Waste Water Disposal

When the issue of plastics in the oceans came to the fore a few years ago I started worrying about what to do with the wash water after using acrylics. I researched manufacturers’ websites, even emailed a couple, and was a bit surprised that this issue wasn’t highlighted. The only exception I found was Golden …

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