Sense of Space Exhibition

The Reading Guild of Artists currently have an exhibition at the South Hill Park Arts Centre entitled Sense of Space. Artists produced work specifically for the exhiition, responding to the theme. The exhibition is on until 22nd May 2022.

My piece in the exhibition is entitled Double Negative.

Double Negative, mixed media

This touches on the concept of “space” in two ways. Firstly, the focus is on negative space, in this case the space made between the fingers of one or two hands, represented in silhouette.

Secondly is the point that space is not empty. Even outer space contains things such as cosmic rays, photons, gravitational fields etc. The abstraction aims to suggest this – showing waveforms and paths. Words relating to the contents of space are also represented in relief form on the pieces.

The title relates to the negative aspect of both themes – negative space and the non-emptiness of space.