About me

I am an artist principally using watercolour and mixed media. My favourite subjects are marine - particularly Cornish coast and harbours - and landscape. Final paintings are produced in the studio based on sketches and photographs made on location.

Visual texture in my paintings is important to me and I am excited by the often unpredictable marks obtainable due to the physical properties of watercolour. Most colour mixing is done on the paper. Much as I love watercolour I am neither a purist nor traditional in my approach and use collage, oil pastel and other water based media - gouache, acrylic and acrylic ink - when it suits.

I am largely self taught - developing my own techniques and style from countless hours experimenting with watercolour and other water-based media. I have also learnt a lot from attending painting workshops with many leading contemporary artists.

I am an exhibiting member of the Reading Guild of Artists and have exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society and the Discerning Eye.

sketching in Cornwall

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